Right brain training starts from young

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Have you ever heard of right brain, left brain? We have one brain or two? Have you ever given a thought over it? If we see theoretically, our brain is divided into two hemispheres. The two sides of brain look very much alike, but there’s a huge difference in how they process information. Left is the logical, analytical one and right is the creative, imaginative one. We can also call left brain as father and right brain as mother, i.e., the way father thinks logically and mother thinks emotionally, in similar fashion our left and right brain works.

So now we can differentiate between left and right brain, but does it do with learning also. How? Do we know that the right side of the brain is dominant between age 0-3. The right brain conducts passive thinking through the intuitive image function which means things that are once seen or heard can be recreated with an image. At around the age of 3 when logical and linguistic thinking are started to advance, the dominance will shift from the right to the left brain. At 6 years, a child’s linguistic thought processes will gain dominance.

Wow!! This sounds so interesting, how our brain works.

Today, I’m sharing with you about Think Right, the first right brain development program in India. Japanese program, Think Right is an effective early childhood education method which is supported by extensive scientific research and practicum.

It is hard to believe that our current education system does not allow much room for right brain development. Most of the subjects we learn in school, including the way in which lessons are taught and presented, are more for enhancing left brain functions such as speech and computation.


Looking into this we at Think Right, strive to stimulate the right side of the brain through memory, numeracy, visualization, music and speed related tasks. The aim is to help young children strengthen their right brain functions, including:

  • Photographic Memory
  • Linking Memory
  • ESP
  • Eye Training
  • Mental Imagination
  • Foreign Language Introduction

We do not only work on the right side of the brain but also seek to enhance the left side of the brain capabilities as well, to strike the balance between left and right brain and setting up a solid foundation to realize their brain potential to the fullest.


You will still ask me why we start from young

Research has shown that the brain develops fastest from birth up to six years of age; therefore this makes it a crucial period for right brain training to be most effective.

We all have heard the story of Abhimanyu, who learnt the art of breaking into the Chakravyuha when he was in Subhadra’s womb. Similarly, we also say good things when child is in womb, but as soon as child is born we think that child is too young to learn anything, but it is not true.

The early you start, the better learning is for children. If the right brain of your child is left untrained during this time frame, the rapid rate of learning decreases and your child’s innate right brain abilities becomes dormant beyond the age of six.


Program Overview

Total number of modules, when we say the child graduates from our program is 10, and each module comprises of 12 classes.

The age groups of children who come to us are from 14 months to 7 years of age. The classes are once a week for 60 minutes, wherein we do 35-40 activities with children in fast pace manner.

I know that’s a lot of activities in such a short time. Well, the thing is that Think Right believes that the objective is not understanding, but the inputting of data at a large volume and fast speed in order to increase the learning capacity.


Activity Highlights

  1. Linking Memory

In Linking Memory, you are tasked to memorize over 200 picture cards by linking them up with a story. It can be something very random and illogical; we call it a “Silly Story”. This helps to ensure that they are attentive and also boosts their sense of confidence too.


  1. Photographic Memory

Photographic Memory is one of the activities where you are shown a picture for approximately five seconds in order to memorize the positions of the different items. The number of items gradually increases, starting from three and one will be added each week till you reach six, therefore the difficulty increases accordingly


  1. High Speed Learning

Main highlight of every class is the Super Flash, where kids are shown a series of flashcards with different themes and it happens very fast. How fast, I hear you ask? Well, in every lesson, the kids are exposed to 200 flashcards. Do the kids understand every word? No. Does that mean it serves no purpose? No. What this does is to continuously stimulate and activate the right brain during class and just so you know, kids can process images at a speed much faster than adults and they are learning more than that you think they are learning. Remember, right brain training is more about input, not output.

  1. Linguistic Development

To aid in their linguistic development, kids are also exposed to weekly proverbs, foreign language.


  1. Extra-sensory Perception (ESP)

Just like how the left brain has senses like sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell, the right brain sense is what is called as Extrasensory Perception, or ESP in short. You can also call it intuition, and while some non-believers will say that this cannot be proven by scientific theories, it is a key aspect of right brain training and here at Think Right, the teachers will help to develop every child’s ESP senses.


  1. Intellectual Development

Puzzles are a great way to train up your kid’s IQ. In every Think Right class, there will be hands on session where kids can get down to solve puzzles which help to stimulate their brain and improve their problem solving skills.


In our next review, I will share more in-depth on what we have learned from the journey.

Remember, right brain training has to start from young so if you are keen to help your child develop his/her potential, don’t wait till the time is too late.